New customers

Website of the Pfingstbach School Parents' Association.
Peter Heck

As luck would have it, I was able to acquire two new customers in my new home:

Website of a psychotherapy practice.

The website for the Rheingau psychotherapy practice Dipl.-Psych. Klaudia Jungnikl was rebuilt on the basis of WordPress and the Elementor Framework in a user-friendly way and provided with minor adjustments. The new technical implementation enables the practice to make small changes to the website independently via its own access

I was approached by the parents’ association of the Pfingstbach School in Oestrich-Winkel to see if I could take over the IT support.

As part of this, I rebuilt the homepage and set up shared Onedrive folders and group calendars on the workstations to improve collaboration between team members. Advice on data protection has also been requested and will of course be provided.

Parents' association website with welcome message.

Further contributions