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Peter Heck

For many years, we hosted our own and our customers’ websites on our own root server. However, as the time required to maintain this server became ever greater, we decided to make a strategic switch to a WordPress hosting service provider. We started here with IONOS and it works reasonably well for smaller websites, with few downtimes and acceptable speed.

Unfortunately, the performance of larger sites is a weak point with IONOS, so we started looking for alternative hosting in 2023. Unfortunately, there are many opinions about different hosters on the market and the search for “THE” optimal hoster proved to be extremely difficult.

In the end, we chose Hostinger. Here are the decision criteria:


  • Outstanding performance thanks to the use of Litespeed Object Cache and optional CDN
  • Extreme variability in the parameterization of the web environment. For example, PHP modules can be switched on or off individually
  • Very good and prompt support via chat
  • Excellent availability of the websites – so far no downtime after 3 months. We are not used to this from other hosters such as IONOS, Bluehost, Strato etc.
  • Great savings when concluding a contract over several years


  • No monthly payments, hosting must be paid for at least 1 year in advance
  • No ticket system. Support is provided exclusively via chat, which is quite cumbersome for more complex issues that may require longer follow-up.

On the subject of loading times, here is a comparison of a site hosted by Bluehost, which is delivered via Cloudflare, with a site hosted by Hostinger (without using the Hostinger CDN and with CSS/JS optimization via the Litespeed plugin) – the increase in speed is more than clear. Of course, various factors come into play here, but overall the result is very satisfactory.

All in all, we can give a clear recommendation for hosting with Hostinger!

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