Web design

Would you like to create a new company website or modernize your existing company website?

We are happy to support you in this task!

We specialize in web design solutions based on the WordPress content management system using Bricks as a so-called "page builder".

Moderne Webdesign-Arbeitsplatz mit Geräten.

Web design

Web design is often used as a synonym for the complete construction of a website, but is actually only a part of this entire process, as shown below (in detail, it is the third step, the implementation). Nevertheless, we will continue to talk about web design when describing the entire implementation process.

Web design is therefore the holistic process of website creation. It combines art, function and aesthetics and is visual communication.

What is important for a good web design?

Of course, you can also click together nice-looking websites with a website construction kit from various providers, but really good web design goes far beyond that. The most important aspects of good web design are:

  1. User friendliness
    The website visitor should be able to navigate the website intuitively and find all content easily.
  2. Accessibility
    People with disabilities or restrictions should also be able to visit the website without any obstacles. This includes optimizations for screen readers, alternative texts in images and much more.
  3. Aesthetics
    The visual impression is decisive for websites. There is no “F” scheme here, every website has to be designed for its target group.
  4. Branding
    The website must fit the brand and promote it.
  5. Speed
    No visitor likes to wait for new content to load. It is therefore important to prevent visitors from leaving the website due to loading times. This does not mean that a website has to be simple and unadorned – with the help of many techniques, even complex, graphically elaborate pages can load quickly.
  6. Responsiveness
    Since you never know which device a visitor is using to visit the site, it must always be optimized for all devices, from large computer monitors to smartphones!

Find out below how we can address these areas and support you in creating a website that takes these aspects into account!

Creation of a website

When creating a new website, we proceed according to a five-stage phase model. We present these five phases below.

Do you have any questions?

You can find answers to possible questions in our FAQ section.

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The following products form the basis of the websites we create. Of course, other solutions are used as standard or optional, but the ones listed below are by far the most important in our core framework.

Our services

Here you will find an overview of our services.

Security plans

  • Basic security package

    This plan is initially included in the creation of a company website.


    Building blocks

    • Basic protection Wordpress
    • Security Header
    • Ninja Firewall (Free Edition)
  • Advanced security package

    Building on the basic security package, this package adds the following services


    Additional modules

    • All services included in the Basic package
    • Ninja Firewall WP+ Edition
  • Comparison of Free Edition / Ninja Firewall WP+ Edition

    Performance plans

  • Standard performance package

    This plan is initially included in the creation of a company website.


    Building blocks

    • Configuration Caching Plugin (Free)
    • Configuration Image Optimizer Plugin (Free)
    • Provision of images in WebP format
  • Advanced performance package

    Only bookable if the customer chooses Litespeed hosting!

    Building on the Performance Package Basic, this package adds the following services


    Building blocks

    • Installation of the Litespeed plugin
    • Image optimization configuration via Litespeed
    • Configuration CSS/JS optimization via Litespeed
    • Continuous performance monitoring
  • SEO plans

  • SEO Package Standard

    This plan is initially included in the creation of a company website.


    Building blocks

    • SEO-optimized web design
    • Activation Google Search Console
    • Support with the entry in Google My Business / Bing Places
  • SEO Package Advanced

    Building on the basic SEO package, this package adds the following services


    Building blocks

    • Entry in relevant company portals (max. 20)
    • Keyword analysis
    • Website optimization for keywords
    • Continuous ranking monitoring & optimization
    • Competitor analysis
    • Monthly SEO reports