Web design

Web design with WordPress & Elementor

We specialize in web design solutions based on the WordPress content management system using the Elementor framework. as a so-called “page builder”. This enables almost infinite design possibilities and user-friendly content maintenance by the customer.

The web hosting is done on behalf of the customer with a hoster of his choice, we recommend the WordPress hosting packages from Ionos . Of course, we support the customer in concluding a corresponding hosting contract. In addition to the services for the creation of the website, we offer to purchase the necessary licenses or annual rental fees for the Elementor Framework and other components through us, as we can offer more favorable conditions here due to quantity purchases.

Website Optimization

Whenever more complex scenarios need to be mapped, the use of Crocoblock makes sense. Especially the use of Jet Engine to create so-called “Custom Post Types” is useful in many cases.

But also the use of the other tools for creating filters, searches, mega menus or special effects on the website are worth the purchase.

Crocoblock Overview

Crocoblock Suite includes numerous plugins that can be used depending on the application. JetEngine provides dynamic content like Custom Post Typoes, JetMenu can be used to create mega menus, JetElements provides numerous Elementor widgets, JetSearch extends the search on the website, etc. Booking and scheduling solutions are included as well as numerous extensions for the WooCommerce store system.

Jetengine Listing

Whenever it comes to displaying content in the same format repeatedly on the web page, JetEngine helps. For example, the real estate agent only has to fill out a form with the details of the property and a post of this property is created and displayed on the website – it couldn’t be easier. Have a look at the References page – this listing was created with Jetengine.

Website Optimization

After an initial creation, you often have to put your hand aside with regard to optimization.

On the one hand, this concerns the optimization in the area of search engines, see here also in the area of SEO .

But a variety of settings can also be made in the area of loading times (also a subtopic of SEO) and security. We optimize the websites individually, depending on the customer’s requirements.

When it comes to loading times, we use the following solutions, among others:

Adobe Photoshop

Using a special plugin, the images are not only reduced in size, but also delivered in the modern WebP format. As a result, we reduce the size of the delivered images and thus their loading times considerably!

Rocket Launch

By means of optimized caching plugins based on WordPress, the content is delivered faster and the loading times are thus significantly reduced.

CSS Code

With the help of a special plugin, CSS and JS files are minimized as much as possible and only loaded on the page when they are needed for its functionality.


For demanding tasks in the area of loading times – e.g. for globally accessible websites – but also in the area of security, we offer the use of a so-called “Content Delivery Network” (CDN) by means of the provider Cloudflare.


A secure web presence is essential for companies and organizations!

A secure website means that users’ data is protected, that it is not misused and that it does not fall into the hands of cybercriminals. User authentication must also be ensured to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing sensitive data. In addition, it is important that the website is always kept up to date to ensure optimal security. By regularly reviewing the web presence, security vulnerabilities can be detected and fixed early, which is an effective deterrent to cybercrime. To take full advantage of these benefits, it is therefore important that companies and organizations have a secure web presence.

In the area of security and protection of the website, we rely on a combination of various measures that all interlock and as a package increase the security of the website:

Data Protection

For basic protection, we follow the usual procedures for securing a website:

  • Daily update of all WordPress components (core, plugins, themes, translations) via a special tool
  • Daily backup of all data to cloud storage (outside the hosting environment)
  • Scanning of relevant security channels for possible threats
  • Database protection
  • Adding HTTP security headers.
Maximum Security

By default, we use a free “Web Application Firewall” as a plugin to block the attacks on the site in advance.


For extended requirements, we combine the above measures with the use of a so-called “Content Delivery Network” (CDN) via the provider Cloudflare.

How the successful combination of the above measures affects can be determined, for example, via Google Pagespeed – the results, as seen below, are excellent!

Google Page Speed Test

Appropriate optimizations (e.g. the use of Cloudflare as a CDN and appropriate settings in the SSL configuration) can also achieve A+ values at SSL-Labs .


Website Management

If you decide to have the website maintained by us, we will make sure that everything runs smoothly. Here is a selection of the various services included in the package.

MainWP Screenshot

By means of MainWP we do the daily tasks such as:

  • Performing updates
  • Control for abnormalities
  • Global adjustments on all web pages

By using MainWP, it does away with the need to go to each individual page, for example, to apply updates or make changes to the configuration.

Statuscake Screenshot

Using a commercial service, we monitor all client websites every minute for the presence of a keyword on the homepage. If this is no longer available, an alert is sent via push message and email to the cell phone or also to the Apple Watch. Thus, we quickly discover problems and can take care of their elimination. Problems with hanging updates are also detected and reported by the software (rarely happens, but has happened).

A status page of the availabilities can be accessed here: Status page

At the customer’s request, we set up the Matomo analytics tool for the customer instance. Just like Google Analytics, the visits of the users can be analyzed here, e.g. to evaluate campaigns – but without the data flowing to the USA – these remain on our own servers in Germany!

Matomo Screenshot

Via a central console, we also monitor the deployed security software “Ninja Firewall” for messages in the security area. For special events, we will also be notified by email.

The package also includes a data backup. This backs up the full website weekly and changes daily. Furthermore, 14 generations of the daily database backup are removed, so that unwanted changes can be rolled back.

Updraft Plus Screenshot

Which products are used?

Only by using excellent software can you achieve excellent results – here is an ace selection of the software we work with:

Webdesign mit Elementor Pagebuilder

WordPress Pagebuilder

Elementor is the most used page builder for WordPress in the world, with over 11 million websites.

Here are the reasons why we rely on Elementor:

  • It’s super easy to create web pages – all without code via the visual editor
  • You can create pixel perfect websites as a web designer
  • Due to its popularity, there are countless tutorials and how-to’s to help find a solution to problems
  • There are numerous extensions for Elementor to provide additional features
  • You can purchase packages as a web agency to use them in customer projects
MainWp Logo

WordPress management

MainWP is the tool that lets you manage all your clients’ websites in one simple dashboard. This makes managing your web design client pages much easier.

The advantages are:

  • Perform updates on all customer websites with one click
  • Log in to customer websites with one click, without the need to log in
  • Install plugins or settings on websites with a central tool
  • Have the status of extensions like Wordfence or Google Page Speed for all pages ready at a glance
  • Use the features of a child theme to perform PHP extensions on client websites
Cleantalk Logo


As soon as you add forms or comment functions to your website, you open the gates for spammers. To avoid being flooded with spam messages, you need a solid anti-spam solution. Cleantalk is a proven solution to this problem. A visitor entry is checked by Cleantalk and only released if a spam bot can be excluded. From our experience, the solution works 100% flawlessly.


When it comes to website security, the use of a so-called web application firewall is a good choice to block attacks. The free version of Ninja Firewall already offers sufficient protection, for more advanced protection, the paid version is available. In numerous comparative tests, this product has performed the best of all free solutions on the market.

Crocoblock Logo

Elementor addon

Whenever more complex scenarios need to be mapped, the use of Crocoblock makes sense. Especially the use of Jet Engine to create so-called “Custom Post Types” is useful in many cases. For example, the real estate agent only has to fill out a form with the details of the property and a post of this property is created and displayed on the website – it couldn’t be easier.

But also the use of the other tools for creating filters, searches, mega menus or special effects on the website are worth the purchase.

The links marked with an asterisk (*) are commission links, also called affiliate links. If you click on such a link and buy something on the target page, we receive an intermediary commission from the relevant provider or online store. There are no disadvantages for you in the purchase or price.

Tailor-made packages

It doesn’t matter whether you just want a small web presence or a complete company presence, we can make your wishes come true. We will take care of the web design of your new website and also assist you in finding and setting up a wordpress hoster.

Transparent costs

Our price-performance ratio is transparent and fair. You don’t pay exorbitant prices, but we’re not a “cheap home” either. The services are “worth their price”

Time to market

With us, you don’t have to wait weeks for the finished end result. Depending on the complexity, our websites are ready for use in a few days.

Timely service

Should a problem arise or a change be necessary at short notice, you don’t have to wait long. Most adjustments can be made on the same day.

State of the art technology

With the combination of WordPress and Elementor Pagebuilder, we are technologically at the forefront in terms of modern web design. In addition, further components can of course be added on request, e.g. chat systems, intelligent forms, appointment booking systems and much more.