Websites - Management

If you decide to commission a website, you will need to take out a management package.

We then make sure that everything runs smoothly. Here is a selection of the various services included in the package.

Management mit MainWP

By means of MainWP we do the daily tasks such as:

  • Performing updates
  • Control for abnormalities
  • Global adjustments on all web pages

By using MainWP, it does away with the need to go to each individual page, for example, to apply updates or make changes to the configuration.

Statuscake Dashboard

Using a commercial service, we monitor all client websites every minute for the presence of a keyword on the homepage.
If this is no longer available, an alert is sent via push message and email to the cell phone or also to the Apple Watch.
Thus, we quickly discover problems and can take care of their elimination. Problems with hanging updates are also detected and reported by the software (rarely happens, but has happened).

WP Ninja Firewall Log

We also monitor the security software “Ninja Firewall” for security messages via a central console. For special events, we will also be notified by email.

Updraft Backup

The package also includes a data backup. This backs up the full website weekly and changes daily. Furthermore, 14 generations of the daily database backup are canceled so that unwanted changes can be rolled back.