The Google Analytics alternative “Matomo”

Matomo Dashboard
Peter Heck

Now that more and more voices are being raised within the European data protection authorities against the use of Google Analytics to track user data (keyword: violation of the GDPR), I thought about alternatives and discovered the open source service “Matomo”. The nice thing about this service is that I can operate it completely independently – no data flows to the data octopus “Google”.

In a freely configurable overview, the customer can insert and arrange the metrics of his website as desired:

Web analytics dashboard with visitor statistics and real-time data.

If the website operator now clicks on a visitor, a detailed view of the visitor opens, incl. the pages visited, the origin (country, direct access / access via search engines or links) and the technical details of the end device used, the operating system and the browser used:

SEO analysis and website monitoring tool.
Detailed view

With this service, visitor behavior can be analyzed without any concerns regarding GDPR (user data is of course stored anonymously) – a great benefit for the customer and data security in Europe!

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