Appointments online with Amelia
Peter Heck

Peter Heck

It is often helpful to offer customers the opportunity to book appointments for a consultation or service via the homepage.

After extensive testing of various products, I have decided to offer the appointment booking system “Amelia” to my customers if required.

Amelia is characterized by a very extensive range of functions and integrates with existing calendars (Outlook or Google) as well as popular payment systems such as PayPal, Stripe or Mollie, among others. Employees can be created and services can be assigned to these employees. For each service, the duration, set-up times (buffer before/after the appointment), cost and payment method can be specified individually.
An overview of all functions can be found here: https://wpamelia.com/de/demos/#Features-list

If you are interested in a free consultation on the product, then simply book a free consultation appointment with me via the homepage (button: “Appointment”) – of course “powered by Amelia” !